Mainly natural raw materials are used for the production of Autoclaved aerated concrete:

  • water
  • quartz sand
  • cement
  • lime and gypsum.

In the first phase of production, sand and water are put into the ball tube mill. As a result of the grinding, a sand slurry is obtained, which is then transported to slurry collectors. At the same time, excess slurry is fed into the slurry tanks.

Mixing of individual components takes place in a mixer in which sand slurry with waste slurry, binder (cement, lime, gypsum) and aluminium powder in a water solution of a surfactant are added in appropriate proportions. The batch is placed in moulds that have been cleaned and lubricated with a release agent. Once the concrete has reached the appropriate hardness, the moulds are transferred to the cutting node. Once the excess concrete has been removed, the block is transferred to the autoclave, where it is cured at high temperature and pressure.

After hydrothermal treatment, we receive a finished product, which is palletised and transferred to the finished product warehouse.