Bricklaying in the SOLBET LUBARTÓW S.A. system is very easy.

However, during the works, basic tools should be used, which will not only streamline and speed up the bricklaying works, but also guarantee the correct completion of partitions.

A basic tool kit should include:

  • Handsaw for cutting the blocks;
  • Angle guide for cutting the blocks evenly;
  • Hammer with a rubber head;
  • Sanding trowel block;
  • Planer for sanding blocks of density class 600 and above;
  • Mixer for mortar preparation;
  • Bricklaying trowel for a thin joint, adapted to the width of the blocks;

Thin joint bricklayer’s trowel

The basic tool for thin joint masonry. Specially profiled trowel teeth enable the precise application of the right amount of mortar so that the joint is 0.5 to 3 mm thick. The trowel widths are adapted to the thickness of SOLBET LUBARTÓW S.A. panels and blocks: 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 42 cm.

Block saw

A carbide-tipped saw designed for manual cutting of SOLBET LUBARTÓW S.A. blocks. Specially profiled teeth ensure easy cutting of blocks and the long life of the saw blade.

Angle guide for even block cutting

Tool helpful in cutting blocks at 45 and 90° angles.

Paca do szlifowania bloczków

Sanding float

Designed for sanding minor irregularities in the top surface of block layers and other block sanding work.



Designed for removing minor irregularities on the top surface of block layers and other work related to the planing of autoclaved aerated concrete elements. Recommended for planing blocks of density class 600 and 700.

Hammer with a rubber head for stacking blocks

Designed to stabilise the block in the wall.

Mixer for mortar preparation

Enables proper mixing of SOLBET LUBARTÓW S.A. mortars. The mixer head does not aerate the mixture.

Drill for making installation sockets

Drill for making holes for installation sockets in walls built in the SOLBET LUBARTÓW S.A. system. Hole diameter: 65 mm.

Drill for making breakthroughs

Used for making breakthroughs. Dimensions: diameter 30 mm, working length 300 mm.

Rylec do wykonywania bruzd instalacyjnych

Chisel for making chases

A helpful tool for making chases manually in walls built in the SOLBET LUBARTÓW S.A. system.