SOLBET LUBARTÓW S.A. materials are the result of over sixty years of experience in the production of autoclaved aerated concrete and over twenty years of the production of construction chemicals. A consistent development policy and refined production technology make it possible to introduce materials of the highest quality to the market. SOLBET LUBARTÓW S.A. systems are modern materials for the construction of any building.

The full range of SOLBET LUBARTÓW S.A. products makes it possible to build a dream house, a multi-family building, as well as a commercial or industrial facility.

Autoclaved aerated concrete

Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks comprise a wide range of products for making various types of walls. They are classified in terms of density, profiling and dimensions. Masonry units of 10 cm in width and wider are considered to be blocks.


Styrofoam is the common name for “foamed polystyrene”. It does not contain components that are toxic or harmful to health. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity coefficient of less than 0.04 W/(mK), it is a good thermal insulator. Styrofoam is distinguished by its low hygroscopicity, provides very good thermal and moisture conditions and is resistant to biological agents.

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