• external thermal insulation using ETICS, BSO, light wet or light dry methods;
  • thermal insulation of closed gaps or ventilated three-layer walls;
  • thermal insulation of ring beams, lintels, reveals and other places exposed to thermal bridges;
  • insulation of sandwich walls insulation of frame partition walls;
  • insulation of ventilated flat ceilings;
  • insulation of ceilings from below using the light-wet method;
  • insulation of floors on joists;
  • insulation of steep roofs between and under rafters;


  • thermal conductivity coefficient λ ≤ 0.042 [W/(mK)];
  • tearing strength TR ≥ 80 [kPa];
  • bending strength BS ≥ 75 [kPa];
  • reaction to fire: Euroclass E;
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